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The total package.
Freedom Machine desktop video magnifiers set the industry standard for desktop reading machines. Beautifully engineered for maximum comfort, operation and picture quality, no other reading machine compares. Freedom Machine features no glare glass optics, giving you vivid image quality and breathtaking clarity not found anywhere else.


  Get the big picture
With 17,19,22,24,26 and 28-inch monitors to choose from, the Freedom Machine delivers low vision solutions for all users.


  Instantly in Focus
Freedom Machine sets the standard for autofocus technology. Its packs a high-performance camera into its sophisticated design. With no glare glass optics, waiting for images to focus is a thing of the past.

  Absolutely no glare
The amazing new precision glass optics are solid, responsive and crisp. Just put your reading material on the reading tray and you'll see a true image like never before.


  Adjust to the most comfortable position
Cleverly integrated - the adjustable monitor raises, lowers and swivels from side to side. Perfect for working on your laptop while referencing material, checking a recipe while cooking and much more.

  It's so simple
The new control panel is amazingly simple - no module attachements, no hidden buttons, just simple ergonomics. Just turn the magnification dial to set your desired magnification and turn the mode dial to select your contrast preference. We take care of the rest.

Truly advanced

The moment you turn on your Freedom Machine you're greeted by a full screen with no glare. But that's only one stunning acheivement of this ground-breaking low vision product. The picture quality is brilliant and crisp from corner to corner. And anything you view is a true color experience. As you vary the magnification range glare is no where to be found. You're eyes will thank you.

It's all just turns

The Freedom Machine control panel features a color-coded console that provides contrast and performance. Sleek and compact, it has high-profile dials that provide a crisp, responsive feel. Rest your hand anywhere on the control panel and you will gain access to any control using this low vision product.

Smooth control XY table

Morning newspapers, magazines, medicine bottles and personal items easily fit on the smooth gliding XY reading table. Two braking levers allow complete control of various table positions. With ball bearing table movement, variable resistance and full stop these truly are industry firsts. Only 1.5-inches above the actual surface of your desk, you can slide objects onto the table instead of placing them. Use the paper stop to square up your reading material everytime.

Color combinations for enhanced contrast
Ten color combinations to choose from.

Sophisticated style

With an adjustable flat panel monitor, sophisticated control panel, low profile XY table and the latest electronics, The Freedom Machine low vision aid will add style to any room.

Up to 28-inch flat panel monitor models.
17 to 28- inch models available, featuring a variety of new features for low vision aids.
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Up to 26-inch screen sizes
Durable steel frame construction
From one solid piece of steel comes a low vision product extremely durable.
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Precision polyurethane unibody
Even the ergonomics are advanced
One soft-touch knob on the monitor controls up, down, backward, foward and tilt movements.
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Even the ergonomics are advanced
Crisp and clean from corner to corner
It's designed with a high-performance camera, premium software and precision glass optics.
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crisp from corner to corner

100% Made in the USA
Get to know the story behind Vision Technology.

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